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Spring Materials
Heat-resistant & Corrosion-resistant Materials
Inconel X-750 Heat
Wire, Sheet, Plate, Round Bar
Inconel 718
Inconel 625 Corrosion
Sheet, Plate
Inconel 600 Wire, Sheet, Plate
Hastelloy C276 Wire, Sheet, Plate
Titanium alloy Wire, Sheet
Monel K-500 Wire

Wire & Round Bar
Hard Drawn Steel Wires JIS G 3521 SW-B,C
Piano Wires (Music Wires) JIS G 3522 SWP-B
Stainless Steel Wires for Springs JIS G 4314 SUS304-WPB, SUS316-WPA, SUS631J1-WPC
Oil Tempered Wire for Mechanical Springs JIS G 3560 SAE9254,SWOSC-B
Oil Tempered Wire for Vlave Springs JIS G 3561 SWOSC-V
Spring Steels Round Bar JIS G 4801 SUP9, SUP9A, SUP11A, SUP12
Copper Alloy Wires JIS H 3270 Phosphor Bronze, Copper Beryllium Alloy

Sheet, Plate, Strip & Coil
Cold Rolled Special Steel Strip JIS G 3311 SK85M, SUP10M, etc.
Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strip for Springs JIS G 4313 SUS301-CSP, SUS304-CSP, SUS631-CSP,
Cold-rolled Stainless Steel Plate,Sheet and Strip JIS G 4305 SUS316-CP, SUS316L-CP
Copper Alloy Sheet and Plate JIS H 3130 Phosphor Bronze, Copper Beryllium Alloy