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It is not an exaggeration to say that "all moving parts" are functioned by springs in various ways.
Shapes, materials, characteristics, and processing technology of springs have improved day by day
to meet complicated and highly evolved "moving parts".

From electronics field and civil engineering and construction field to power plants and space development,
The world of technology does not stop even for a moment toward the future.

The field of springs which functions in invisible place has an infinite possibility, and its needs have further expanded.

We will tackle a global environmental issue, and will further challenge to technological innovation
based on the accumulated know-how and advanced technology that has been developed over many years.
Finally, we will open up the new frontier of springs which spreads infinitely.

We appreciate your continued support and kindness.

Ken'ichi Yamazaki

 Company Name  TOKUSHU BANE CO., LTD.
 President  Ken'ichi Yamazaki
 Establishment  July 1949
 Capital  40 million Japanese Yen
 Employee  83
 Scope of Business  Manufacturing springs from spring-steel to heat-resistant & corrosion-resistant materials.
 Head Office  1-26-1, Nukui, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 176-0021, JAPAN   MAP
 Plant  Saitama Plant, Iwate Plant   MAP
      saitama-plant    iwate-plant
 Main Customer  IHI Corporation, Arai Seisakusho Co.,Ltd., TOSHIBA Corporation, FUJI ELECTRIC CO., LTD., etc.

 July 1936  Established as "Yamazaki Spring Seisakusho Co., LTD.".
 July 1949  Changed company name to "TOKUSHU BANE CO., LTD." (current name).
 October 1983  Established Saitama Plant.
 June 2000  Acquired ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.
 January 2002  Established Iwate Plant.
 February 2007  Acquired EcoAction21 Environmental Management System Certification.

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Head office factory of the 1960's